Friday 27 September — a date marked on Sojadis’s calendar for some time. The ASEC Athlétisme la Pommeraye athletics club, the Corporate Sports Federation and the Mauges-sur-Loire municipality organised the first inter-company relay marathon. Mathias suggests setting up a team…

And we’re off! 

The challenge spreads through Sojadis’ corridors: « Can you run 7K? Come on, let’s put a team together! ». Adeline is enthusiastic and ultra-motivated — well, she might not win by putting on her running shoes but she is first on the starting line to support the project! Valentin takes the baton, manages the organisation, registrations, medical certificates, etc. Opposite Sojadis, on the other side of the roundabout, the Humeau Garage employees do not intend to sit it out on the bench and are also putting together a team. So, we will have two challenges! At the same time, as one idea leads to another and as the start of the partnership with Gwladys Lemoussu is looking very promising in terms of discussions and sharing, the paratriathon champion is invited to join the Sojadis team. After checking her diary, Gwladys says yes!

Gwladys and Daphnée in Sojadis 

And the planets have aligned! Not a grain of sand in the gears, a special day is being organised as it will be an opportunity for all Sojadis employees to meet Gwladys. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, our favourite blogger Daphnée will be nearby and will be able to join us! Friday mid-morning, everyone is in the starting blocks to receive our two guests of the day. After a look back at the history of our company, its organisation, and more, Adeline and Jean-Marie Humeau guide Gwladys and Daphnée through the different departments.

After a review of the history of our company, its organisation, etc., we will now look back at our company’s history. Adeline and Jean-Marie Humeau guide Gwladys and Daphnée in the different departments. 

Discussions and sharing

At reception, Marielle does not take off her headpiece (switchboard requirement!) but talks about her relationship with retail customers. At the design office, David, Pierre-Antoine and Dominique explain the research and development approach, David (yes, a second David) shows them our SojadisPro tool. From their shared office, Aurore explains her area of professional customer relations and Valentin explains the quality system. At lunchtime, we discuss the order of the evening relay marathon, sport and diet, disability and surpassing oneself… There’s a lot of chatter and the boys give the girls a timecheck!

The tour continues with Guillaume who presents the rigorous verification and traceability work done by Mickael and Florent in the production workshop, and the shipping logistics managed by Cyril. And we end with Mathias at the workshop, who explains the current vehicle’s layout… We could have stayed to talk a long time — both Gwladys and Daphnée were curious to know and understand everything! But Daphnée has to get back on the road to head to London for a week before the release of her book (a must read!)… and….

Time to put on our running shoes 

En route for La Pommeraye. The weather is mild, the rain of the last few days has let up and the first inter-company relay marathon in La Pommeraye is already proving a success with some 800 runners registered and a sporty, friendly atmosphere! In the stands, the Sojadis runners (including Gwladys and Véronique — a sports coach friend who replaced a runner at the last minute) and Humeau Garage runners hold on to their bibs, finalise the running order, and thank Mrs Humeau who saves them from the 6 p.m. hunger gap by bringing bananas and cereal bars; everyone is having a laugh and there are no signs of stress…

Gwladys is undoubtedly the most focused on the race and teases everyone by says « we’ll see if you’ll talk and laugh as much after your 7K! ». 

It’s a great start to the evening! 

Mathias, David, Pierre-Antoine, Tony, Véronique et Gwladys pour l’équipe Sojadis.
Thomas, Ludovic, Samuel, Maxime, Lukas et Valentin pour l’équipe du garage Humeau.

One after another, the runners take their turn, each giving their best. Beside the track, the other runners and the supporters cheer every runner that passes. Gwladys is first! Jean-Marie, armed with his camera, doesn’t miss a second.

Soon, the Humeau Garage team extends their lead and a lap separates the two teams. Gwladys comes last, closing the gap by completing her 7K in less than 30 minutes but it is too late now! After 3 hours and 21 minutes of effort, the Humeau Garage team crosses the finish line, followed shortly after (just 7 minutes!) by the Sojadis team. The two teams are respectively in 34th and 55th place, out of a total of 156 teams! Congratulations, respect, and thanks to everyone for this shared day which — from morning to evening — remains extraordinarily great!

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