Driving-school for disabled drivers

Learning to drive with an adapted tuition driving-school vehicle

Adaptation for the disabled
CATEGORY I Learning to drive with an adapted driving-school vehicle
The disabled driving driving-school solution incorporates all the driving adaptations and aids that driving school professionals need to make driving accessible for people with reduced mobility:


The disabled driving driving-school solution offers a versatile range of adaptation which can be used to personalize the tuition vehicle to suit the learner driver’s specific needs.







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Priority instructor controls

Depending on the disabled driving functions used:
> Driver-activation of the device on starting the vehicle
> Accelerator cuts out when braking
> Accelerator pedal deactivated
> Original steering wheel controls remain active


> Adaptations can be installed on all automatic vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal.
> Equipements déclipsables pour concilier les deux modes de conduite, adaptée ou conventionnelle


> UTAC-certified « Qualified driving school vehicle adapter »
> Complies with ECE R10 Rev.5

Adapted driving school
Monidis : dual control unit
Instructor’s footpedal
Disabled driving equipment
Disabled car fitting
Disabled car fitting
Disabled car fitting
Disabled car fitting
Driving assistance and driving school selector
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 The opinion of our customers

Have a look at our innovative solutions that make driving easier and safe for everyone.

ACCELEG : left foot accelerator pedal


Electronic system enabling a left accelerator pedal to be added.

Accel III: Accelerator system with two levers

 Accel III

Accelerator system operated by a lever located on either side of the steering wheel to enable smooth and comfortable driving.

Accel Bike II : Multifunction accelerator and brake handle

 Accel Bike II

All-in-one control mounted to the right or left of the steering wheel: rotate to accelerate and push horizontally to brake, 7 functions on a joystick (lights, indicators, wipers, etc.).

Stopdis: manual braking system by horizontal push


Manual braking system activated by pushing horizontally on the lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel, with a brake lock button that frees your hand so you can start the engine.

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