Driving controls
and driving-school systems,

For 25 years, we have been innovating so that driving is always a pleasure for everyone.

Intuitive and secure
driving controls,

Adapt your vehicle to your needs in any condition of disability.

Turnkey basis
driving school vehicles,

Equipments for the best experience of driving for instructors and drivers.

Turnkey basis driving school vehicles for disabled driver,

To make learning to drive accessible to disabled people, in total simplicity and safety.

Vehicle adaptation
for disabled driver,
transport or driving school,

Rely on our expertise from our team in Jallais or our dealers network in France and abroad.

France’s exclusive manufacturer of electronic driving aids

SOJADIS Équipement offers individuals and professionals a full range of smart and safe driving aids.
SOJADIS Équipement draws on its expertise, capacity to innovate and the dedication of its team members, and today is the first port of call for drivers with disabilities, driving schools, adaptations installers and car manufacturers in France and nineteen countries worldwide.


SOJADIS Équipement is France’s leading retrofitter of driving school vehicles and is approved and recommended by major automakers including Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen and Citroën. The company has UTAC (French vehicle certification and approval organization) certification as a “Qualified driving school vehicle adapter” and complies with the latest regulations governing reversible adaptations of vehicles for the driving instructor or learner driver.


A resolute crusader for the independence and mobility of the disabled, SOJADIS Équipement offers a wide range of 9 driving aids for the disabled motorist that have been developed in collaboration with occupational therapists. The electronic systems embedded in the driving aids make our vehicle adaptations simple, flexible and safe.

We listen to your needs,
and provide solutions close to your home.

équipe Sojadis
Wherever you are, SOJADIS Équipement can provide advice and support for your disabled driving project through its network of supporting partners.

42 certified installers

across the whole of France.

62 distributors/installers

in 19 countries worldwide (outside France).

88 driving schools

with adapted tuition vehicles.


The teams in our design office that specializes in cutting-edge electronics and in our assembly shop (or “lab”) conceptualize, develop and test new driving aid devices every day.


The embedded electronics in our driving aids ensure exceptional reliability and safety. Our industrial excellence makes us one of the very few equipment providers (in the world!) that offers devices capable of communicating with the car, in compliance with the automakers’ specifications.

Made in France

We oversee each stage of the driving aid production, from design to distribution and installation. Each aid is subject to strict traceability procedures and tests approved by French and European legislation.

Advice and support

From the outset, we recognized the importance of building a strong network of trained and certified partner-installers in order to keep our finger on the pulse of drivers’ expectations and needs. Providing personalized advice and support is of key importance at all our sites – in Jallais, across France and in 19 countries globally.

Our philosophy

« Cars change, technologies evolve, but our goal remains the same: to create innovative solutions that make driving easier and safe for everyone. »

Our Solutions

The best vehicle modifications are those that respond perfectly to your needs, which is why SOJADIS Équipement offers a full range of driving aids !


To replace the right accelerator pedal: take a look at our left foot accelerator pedal or our hand-controls.


To replace the brake pedal: take a look at our brake lever.

Secondary driving control

To drive with only the left or right hand: take a look at our centralized steering and control solutions.

Transfer aids

To help a driver (or passenger) transfer between a wheelchair and the driver’s (or passenger) seat:
take a look at our transfer plate.

Driving schools

If you need a conventional or adapted driving-school vehicle: take a look at our driving school solutions

Complementary solutions

For transporting people with reduced mobility or for loading a wheelchair: take a look at our complementary solutions.

Our customers talk about Sojadis

A collaborative approach

SOJADIS Équipement’s rationale lies in pursuing common values, sharing knowledge and expertise, putting innovation to good use and contributing to building an inclusive society, and in this the company enjoys the support and trust of reference institutions.

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