LEHMDIS Boule au volant multifonctions
LEHMDIS Boule au volant multifonctions
LEHMDIS Boule au volant multifonctions
LEHMDIS Boule au volant multifonctions
LEHMDIS Boule au volant multifonctions

Secondary driving controls

Assembled and tested in France
Discover the LEHMDIS removable steering wheel ball, the ideal solution for drivers without the use of an arm or hand.

Thanks to its simple, comprehensive design, you can access all the vehicle’s controls with just one hand and steer the steering wheel with ease.

Treat yourself to a practical, intuitive alternative for staying in control of your vehicle with just one hand.

LEHMDIS, driving with style

The LEHMDIS multifunction removable steering wheel ball offers a simple and complete solution for drivers without the use of an arm or hand.

This easily removable steering wheel ball can be fitted to the left or right-hand side of the vehicle, as you wish, and can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds, without the need for tools.


Product characteristics

boule au volant avec commandes LEHMDIS


This product is manufactured and assembled in France
at our factory in JALLAIS (49)

Adapted equipment

Developed with the expertise of occupational therapists, LEHMDIS is designed to combine accessibility and manoeuvrability, whether you position it on the left or right of the steering wheel.

Its carefully thought-out ergonomics ensure that you have a natural, pleasant grip, even during long hours of driving. Thanks to a natural movement of the thumb, you can reach the essential controls without tiring.

What’s more, its discreet, sober design blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your car.

Rely on LEHMDIS for a comfortable driving experience.

pedale à gauche Acceleg_sojadis

Combine driving comfort and safety,

Whether you have a disability or not, Sojadis’ inclusive solutions make it easy for you to drive an adapted vehicle.

Simply fit the LEHMDIS multifunction removable steering wheel ball to activate your vehicle’s adapted driving system with ease. If you are able-bodied, you can easily unclip the equipment and enjoy the traditional equipment as usual.

At Sojadis, our priority is to offer you solutions that simplify your driving experience so you can take to the road with confidence.


Installation in France and Europe
A company with a mission
Made-to-measure installation
Personalised support


Accel III: Accelerator system with two levers


Accelerator system operated by a lever located on either side of the steering wheel to enable smooth and comfortable driving.

Stopdis: manual braking system by horizontal push

 Stopdis II

Manual braking system activated by pushing horizontally on the lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel, with a brake lock button that frees your hand so you can start the engine.

ACCELEG : left foot accelerator pedal


Electronic system enabling a left accelerator pedal to be added.

Planche de transfert pour fauteuil roulant et véhicule


Transfer plate installed alongside the seat for easy access to the driver’s seat. Practical and sturdy, with a quick lock/lock-release system.


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