Adapting your vehicle
according to your handicap

Sojadis Equipement offers individuals and professionals a full range of smart and safe driving aids.

From the outset, we recognized the importance of building a strong network of trained and certified partner-installers in order to keep our finger on the pulse of drivers’ expectations and needs. Providing personalized advice and support is of key importance at all our sites – in Jallais, across France and in 19 countries globally.


Discover our disabled acceleration solution


To replace the right accelerator pedal: take a look at our left foot accelerator pedal or our hand-controls.

Discover our steering wheel braking solutions


To replace the brake pedal : take a look at our brake lever.

Discover our disabled acceleration and brake solution

 Acceleration and braking

To replace the right foot accelerator pedal, discover our combined acceleration and braking solutions on the steering wheel.

Discover our centralized steering and control solutions

 Driving with steering wheel controls

To drive with only the left or right hand: take a look at our centralized steering and control solutions.

Planche de transfert pour fauteuil roulant et véhicule

 Accessing the driving position

To help a driver (or passenger) transfer between a wheelchair and the driver’s (or passenger) seat: take a look at our transfer plate.

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