cercle accélérateur volant
cercle accélérateur volant
cercle accélérateur volant
cercle accélérateur volant

Ring accelerator

Assembled in France
Discover CERCLACCEL, a historic hand-driving solution specially designed for drivers without the use of their legs.

This ergonomic steering wheel circle replaces the traditional accelerator pedal, offering a proven alternative for adapted driving without hindrance.

Give your mobility a new dimension with CERCLACCEL, your undisputed ally on the road.

CERCLACCEL, the historic acceleration device

The CERCLACCEL circle on the steering wheel is a historic piece of equipment in the field of disabled driving, which fits discreetly on or under the steering wheel without detracting from the aesthetics of your vehicle. Specially designed for drivers who have lost the use of their lower limbs, this device restores the freedom and pleasure of independent driving.

It gives you full control over the acceleration of your vehicle thanks to its adjustable travel, which is activated by simply pressing on the circle. Acceleration is precise and controlled, just like the original accelerator pedal, making for a comfortable and familiar experience.

For added comfort, you can also opt for a removable version. However, its minimalist, ergonomic design in no way interferes with conventional driving, allowing you to enjoy an uncompromising driving experience.

Product characteristics

cercle accélérateur volant


This product is assembled in France at our factory in JALLAIS (49)

A safe ring accelerator

The CERCLACCEL system, integrated on or under the steering wheel, combines ease of use with unrivalled safety thanks to its on-board electronic technology. Its sober, clever design preserves the complete legibility of the on-board instruments and the aesthetics of your vehicle.
It also respects the integrity of the original steering wheel and in particular the airbag option, ensuring optimum safety on the road.

With CERCLACCEL, you can take to the road comfortably and with complete confidence.

cercle accélérateur volant

Choose safety,

Whether you have a disability or not, you can drive an adapted vehicle thanks to Sojadis solutions.
Simply activate your left foot accelerator ACCELEG and switch to adapted driving to take advantage of the left foot accelerator pedal.
If you’re able-bodied, just sit back in the driver’s seat and take to the road with confidence.
It’s as simple as that !

Sojadis tips: we recommend that new users take driving lessons at a driving school adapted to learn to drive with their new equipment.


Installation in France and Europe
A company with a mission
Made-to-measure installation
Personalised support


Manual braking system

 Stopdis II

Manual braking system activated by pushing horizontally on the lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel, with a brake lock button that frees your hand so you can start the engine.

Planche de transfert pour fauteuil roulant et véhicule


Transfer plate installed alongside the seat for easy access to the driver’s seat.

Accel Bike II : Multifunction accelerator and brake handle


All-in-one control mounted to the right or left of the steering wheel : rotate to accelerate and push horizontally to brake and activate 7 functions on a joystick (lights, indicators, wipers, etc.).

Left foot accelerator


Electronic system enabling a left accelerator pedal to be added.


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