ACCELEG Pédale d'accélérateur au pied gauche
ACCELEG Pédale d'accélérateur au pied gauche3
ACCELEG Pédale d'accélérateur au pied gauche
ACCELEG Pédale d'accélérateur au pied gauche

Left foot accelerator

Made in France
For drivers without the use of their right leg, ACCELEG offers an alternative to the right-foot accelerator pedal: a left-foot accelerator pedal, completely redesigned for an unrivalled experience.

Compatible with all vehicles with an electronic accelerator pedal from more than 24 car brands, ACCELEG combines installation and using simplicity with driving comfort, safety and durability. Its technology, for which a European patent request is in process, meets the requirements of 10 years of driving, or 300,000 km.

You have praised for our LEFTDIS, you will love our new ACCELEG

  • I activate ACCELEG when I start*,
  • I press the accelerator pedal on my left foot to accelerate.

* Activating ACCELEG automatically locks the accelerator pedal and cuts off acceleration when braking.

The ACCELEG left-foot accelerator pedal, innovation incarnate.

Always in search of innovation to guarantee driving assistance systems at the cutting edge of technology and at the forefront of the requirements in terms of safety and comfort of use, LEFTDIS gives birth to a new generation solution: ACCELEG.

For drivers without the use of their right leg, ACCELEG offers an alternative to the right foot accelerator pedal: a left foot accelerator pedal, completely redesigned for an unmatched experience.

Product characteristics




This product is manufactured and assembled in France
at our factory in JALLAIS (49)

A left foot accelerator pedal that combines comfort and aesthetics

ACCELEG features an ergonomic design that adapts naturally to your left foot, giving you a smooth, pleasant driving experience.
Its sober, modern design blends in harmoniously with the existing elements of your vehicle, so as to go unnoticed alongside the other controls.
You’ll also appreciate that it’s made from durable, hard-wearing materials, ensuring long-term reliability even under heavy use.

Enjoy the comfort of a drive perfectly tailored to your needs with ACCELEG.

pedale à gauche Acceleg_sojadis

Choose safety,

Whether you have a disability or not, you can drive an adapted vehicle thanks to Sojadis solutions.
Simply activate your left foot accelerator ACCELEG and switch to adapted driving to take advantage of the left foot accelerator pedal.
If you’re able-bodied, just sit back in the driver’s seat and take to the road with confidence.
It’s as simple as that !

Sojadis tips: we recommend that new users take driving lessons at a driving school adapted to learn to drive with their new equipment.


Installation in France and Europe

A company with a mission

Made-to-measure installation

Personalised support


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cercle accélérateur volant


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