Accel quad: thumb trigger throttle
CATEGORY I Combined acceleration and brake system + additional controls

The new ACCEL QUAD is a real clustering of electronic technologies into one innovative, intuitive, all-in-one driving aid designed for drivers with restricted leg mobility. The ACCEL QUAD aid combines manual acceleration and braking as well as a mini keypad (in option).

ACCEL QUAD can be mounted to the left or right of the steering wheel and is reliable, safe and ergonomic as well as being very easy to use and makes driving smooth and enjoyable. The acceleration is made with the thumb or index finger by pressing on a trigger.

When activated, ACCEL QUAD automatically disables the accelerator pedal, cutting out acceleration when braking is applied.


  • I activate ACCEL QUAD when starting the engine
  • I push on the trigger to accelerate.
  • I push the handle horizontally to brake.
  • I use thumb or index finger on the keypad to activate or deactivate 7 possible controls, such as the lights, indicators and wipers.






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  • The system is activated by the driver, when starting the car
  • Acceleration cuts out when braking is applied
  • Accelerator pedal is deactivated
  • Original steering wheel controls remain activated


  • Installation on any vehicle with automatic transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal
  • Installation on the right or left side of the steering wheel
  • 2 acceleration types: with the thumb or with the index finger
  • 2 versions available: with or without mini-keypad
  • Can be removed and re-installed (depending on compatibility)


  • Complies with ECE R10 Rev.5
Accel quad: thumb trigger throttle
Accel quad: thumb trigger throttle
car fitting for the disabled
combined accelerator-brake
car fitting for the disabled
Download the PDF File


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