ACCEL QUAD poignée moto accélérateur frein
ACCEL QUAD poignée moto accélérateur frein
ACCEL QUAD poignée moto accélérateur frein
ACCEL QUAD poignée moto accélérateur frein
ACCEL QUAD poignée moto accélérateur frein

Multifunction accelerator and brake handle

Made in France
Discover ACCEL QUAD, a solution specially designed for drivers without the use of their legs.

Combining a thumb trigger for acceleration, a manual brake and a mini keyboard for centralised controls, this equipment offers you a complete solution.

Take advantage of a practical, intuitive alternative that lets you retain total control of your driving using only your hands.

ACCEL QUAD, challenge all terrains

ACCEL QUAD is the complete solution for drivers who can no longer use their legs to drive. Reliable, safe and ergonomic, this innovative all-in-one handle gives you a smooth, enjoyable ride.

The trigger throttle provides controlled acceleration using your thumb, while the push-handle ensures precise, effective braking. Located on the right-hand side of the steering wheel, it is designed for people with good right-handed grip. As an option, the MINI KEYBOARD offers 7 additional controls that can be activated/deactivated with the index finger or thumb, including lighting, indicators and windscreen wipers.

Product characteristics

ACCEL BIKE II Accélérateur et frein au volant à droite



This product is manufactured and assembled in France
at our factory in JALLAIS (49)

An ergonomic accelerator and brake handle

The ACCEL QUAD combines reliability, safety and ergonomics for a smooth, fun ride.

This accelerator and steering wheel brake handle has been designed to meet your driving and mobility needs. It’s easy to use and ergonomically designed, so you’ll be able to get to grips with it without any discomfort, even on long journeys.

You’ll also appreciate its modern design, which makes it discreet and blends in perfectly with the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Enjoy a pleasant, intuitive driving experience with ACCEL QUAD.

pedale à gauche Acceleg_sojadis

Combine driving comfort and safety

With Sojadis solutions, you can drive an adapted vehicle with ease, whether you have a disability or not.

Activate the ACCEL QUAD handle to switch to adapted driving mode and take to the road in complete autonomy. If you’re able-bodied, simply sit back in the driver’s seat and enjoy the traditional driving facilities.

Whatever your situation, Sojadis can help you enjoy a free and accessible driving experience.


Installation in France and Europe
A company with a mission
Made-to-measure installation
Personalised support


Accel Bike II : Multifunction accelerator and brake handle


All-in-one control mounted to the right or left of the steering wheel:

  • rotate to accelerate and push horizontally to brake.
  • 7 functions on a joystick (lights, indicators, wipers, etc.).
Stopdis: manual braking system by horizontal push


Manual braking system activated by pushing horizontally on the lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel, with a brake lock button that frees your hand so you can start the engine.
Planche de transfert pour fauteuil roulant et véhicule


Transfer plate installed alongside the seat for easy access to the driver’s seat. Practical and sturdy, with a quick lock/lock-release system.

Comdis: multifunctional ball on the steering wheel


Secondary driving controls, fixed or swivelling and quick-release, multifunction device with 7 buttons activating up to 12 functions.


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