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All our driving aids are designed and developed by our own internal design office, then assembled in our workshops. When we need subcontractors to produce specific parts, we call on the specialist companies closest to us. The result: all SOJADIS Équipement products are 100% made in France !

You will find lots of information on our product Web pages and product sheets , as well as the driver’s licence codes that correspond to each driving aid.

Feel free to fill in our contact formif you would like more information or to test various aids.

Each vehicle adaptation is different, depending on the handicap, the requirements, personal comfort preferences and driving habits of the driver. We therefore take a personalized approach to each project, offering our clients a tailor-made service. Feel free to contact us for a quote on the installation of one of our disabled driver aids.

Yes. All SOJADIS Équipement products are guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years.

Of course! We make a point of recommending you test our equipment before you purchase. In fact, depending on your situation, it’s possible that several driving aid options might suit your needs (for example, alternative solutions to the accelerator pedal). It is therefore important to try out the various solutions to find the optimal driving aid for your requirements, driving ease and comfort, driving habits and preferences.

Just fill in our contact form to find the certified installer closest to you.

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No. All SOJADIS Équipement electronic systems that offeracceleration, braking or hand control solutionsare installed in automatic vehicles.

Our disabled driver aids are designed and developed to be adaptable to as many makes and models of automatic vehicles as possible. However, depending on the features and constraints of each vehicle, the driving aid might sometimes be incompatible with certain models. That’s why, as soon as they come on to the market, we test new vehicles’ compatibility with our devices so that we can offer you the widest choice.

Yes! All SOJADIS Équipement electronic solutions are installed without intruding in the vehicle’s central electronic system. It is this expertise that allows our company to be accredited, our driving aids to be certified and SOJADIS-adapted vehicles to be always guaranteed by the manufacturers !

Not in the least. For the same reasons that enable our driving aids to be certified by the manufacturer (cf. question ci-dessus) SOJADIS Équipement driving aid solutions are completely “transparent” as far as the vehicle’s central system is concerned. Our disabled driver aids cannot therefore negatively impact the performance of your car.

Yes, once the compatibility of your current driving aid and your future vehicle has been checked and approved.

Yes. All the electronic driving aids produced by SOJADIS Équipement are designed for conventional or adapted driving. Ouracceleration and braking systems are activated by the driver on starting the car. Acceleration cuts out when the brakes are applied, the accelerator pedal is deactivated and the original configuration resumes when the engine stops. Our central control systems allow the original controls to remain active.

In addition, some of our devices (COMDIS, STOPDIS, ACCELBIKE II, LEFTDIS, CERCLACCEL) can be easily dismantled.

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Our after-sales service department will be happy to help diagnose, find answers and solutions to your questions or concerns, and help you get on your way. They can be contacted by phone at +33 (0)2 41 64 05 58 (Monday to Thursday, from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. UTC+1),by email or via our contact form.

No, not unless your garage is one of our partner-installers. All SOJADIS Équipement driving aids must be installed by automobile professionals specialized in carrying out vehicle adaptations. As well as guaranteeing our devices are perfectly installed, our partners are also able to give advice and guidance throughout your adaptation project.

When you fill in our contact form, this will give you the address of your closest certified installer.

There is no one answer to that… The time it takes to adapt a vehicle will obviously depend on the nature of the modification and the driving aid to be fitted. But we know you need your vehicle! In our workshop or at our partner-installers, we do our maximum to reduce the time your vehicle is out of action. We always indicate the time estimated to complete the adaptation on our quotations.

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Only happy to help! Get in touch to explain your project to us a little more. SOJADIS Équipement also has a network of installers and driving school partners with whom we are proud to share our experience, know-how and commitment to helping people with reduced mobility get (back) behind the steering wheel.

You can phone us at: +33 (0)2 41 64 05 58 or email us at: sojadis@sojadis.comYou can find all our contact details and a contact form on the Contact page of our website.

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