CATEGORY I Acceleration

(French) driver’s licence code I25

The ring accelerator replaces the right foot accelerator pedal and is a long-established disabled driving aid that remains popular today. Thanks to its embedded electronic technology, the CERCLACCEL system, which can be installed over or under the steering wheel is easy to use and offers unparalleled safety. When activated, the CERCLACCEL automatically disables the accelerator pedal, cutting out acceleration when braking is applied.   > I activate CERCLACCEL when I start the car. > I push on the ring to accelerate.






  • Driver activates system when starting the car
  • Acceleration cuts out when braking is applied
  • Accelerator pedal is deactivated


  • Installation on any vehicle with automatic transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal
  • 2 versions available: fixed or detachable


  • Complies with ECE R10 Rev.5

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Stopdis II

Manual braking system activated by pushing horizontally on the lever mounted to the right of the steering wheel, with a brake lock button that frees your hand so you can start the engine.


Transfer plate installed alongside the seat for easy access to the driver’s seat.


All-in-one control mounted to the right or left of the steering wheel: > rotate to accelerate and push horizontally to brake.
> 7 functions on a joystick (lights, indicators, wipers, etc.).


Electronic system enabling a left accelerator pedal to be added.

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