Handicap fitting on mercedes C class amg

installation of a left accelerator pedal

VW Golf Variant VII et ACCEL BIKE II

CATEGORY I Acceleration 

In Jallais, in our workshop, we have fitted a disabled vehicle with a left accelerator pedal on a Mercedes C class AMG.

On this vehicle, we installed a LEFTDIS left accelerator pedal. It allows the disabled driver to drive with his left foot.

The LEFTDIS accelerator pedal can be installed on over 600 vehicle models.

mercedes classe c amg accelerateur pied gauche
VW Golf Variant VII et ACCEL BIKE II
aide a la conduite au pied gauche mercedes class c
leftdis accelerateur pied gauche mercedes class c
pedale de gauche et pied mercedes class c
pedale accelerateur et bouton activation mercedes class c

 Left accelerator pedal

  • For drivers without the use of their right leg, LEFTDIS offers an alternative to the right foot accelerator pedal: the left accelerator pedal. It is installed on a vehicle with an automatic transmission.


  • The LEFTDIS accelerator pedal is a practical and simple solution. Activating LEFTDIS automatically switches the accelerator pedal to the right and cuts off acceleration when braking.

    The accelerator pedal to the right and the acceleration is cut off when braking.

 Best seller

  • The system is detachable and can be removed and reinstalled on all vehicles.

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