left accelerator pedal

CATEGORY I Acceleration
For drivers who are unable to operate the pedals with their right foot, LEFTDIS offers an alternative.

Embedded technology enables LEFTDIS to add a left foot accelerator system that complies with all the same safety and reliability standards as the automaker’s original pedal.

It can be installed in all models of vehicle with an electronic accelerator, whatever their specific features and constraints. The LEFTDIS is one of the most accessible, practical and easy-to-install and remove acceleration adaptations.

Preferred by German disabled drivers, the LEFTDIS is Sojadis’ bestseller in Europe!


> I activate LEFTDIS when I start the car

> I press on the left foot accelerator to accelerate






  • Acceleration cuts out when braking is applied
  • Right accelerator pedal is deactivated
  • Original accelerator configuration resumes each time engine stops


  • Installation on any vehicle with automatic transmission and an electronic accelerator pedal
  • Releasable system
  • Easy to remove and reinstall


  • Complies with ECE R10 Rev.5

 The opinion of our customers

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