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electronic driving aids

sojadis équipement

offers individuals and professionals a full range of smart and safe driving aids.

From the outset, we recognized the importance of building a strong network of trained and certified partner-installers in order to keep our finger on the pulse of drivers’ expectations and needs. Providing personalized advice and support is of key importance at all our sites – in Jallais, across France and in 19 countries globally.


I Acceleration

To replace the right accelerator pedal: take a look at our left foot accelerator pedal or our hand-controls.

I Braking

To replace the brake pedal: take a look at our brake lever.

Secondary driving control

To drive with only the left or right hand: take a look at our centralized steering and control solutions.

I Transfer aids

To help a driver (or passenger) transfer between a wheelchair and the driver’s (or passenger) seat: take a look at our transfer plate.

Driving school

If you need a conventional or adapted driving-school vehicle: take a look at our driving school solutions.

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