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On January the 21st, we have officially launched the project for a new secondary driving controls.

Our wish is to include as many people as possible, from the very beginning of the reflection, to design a secondary controls that looks like our and your ideas.

During this special time with a lot of digital contacts, we kindly ask you to be part of this development.

Our R&D department is currently working in Home-office and is making progress on the development of new interfaces. As soon as we get back in our demo vehicles, at the office, in your driving school vehicles, we will be ready and very motivated to design this new secondary driving controls. We look forward to your ideas! Please take a few minutes to answer this survey.

Quick reminder:

Key features of the secondary driving controls :
– Steer the wheel
– Operate the secondary functions with one hand
– Activate up to 12 functions: lights, indicators, wipers, horn.

More than 3 400 COMDIS has been produced, sold and installed since its beginning in 2007. This product is now compatible on 564 different vehicle models – from all manufacturers.

Since end of 2014, we have registered and validated only 5 warranty cases, which represents 0.33% of products return (5 out of 1 500). Assuming an average use of 10,000km/year per vehicle, this represents 1 breakdown every 4,825,000 km (under warranty).

If you want more information on the current secondary driving controls COMDIS, you can have a look on our leaflet or watch our video.

Discover COMDIS in video.

You wish to participate in the design
of the new SOJADIS steering wheel remote control?

It’s simple, just fill in the form!

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